Security Guidelines while Riding

Horse riding is an inherently dangerous activity. We will be riding in Big 5 Area where we may unexpectedly encounter potential dangerous game, such as Lion, Elephant and Buffalo. A situation with one of these animals could occur at any time. Our horses are seasoned and experienced in this environment, however as they are horses they are unpredictable and they can all spook, buck, kick and bite. We are far from hospitals, if somebody does have a fall and get injured it will require a medical evacuation to Nairobi. Therefore it is important to understand and follow these guidelines:

  • Familiarize yourself with your guides names and their roles (lead guide/back up guide) and your horses name.
  • Do not overtake the lead guide, there may be animals in the grass, holes, rocks, thorny sticks, etc. If a rider is unable to control their horse and stay behind during canters we either need to put the horse on a lead rein or swap out with an easier horse and won't do any more canters.
  • Point out holes, thorny branches or other obstacles to be avoided to riders behind you.
  • Let us know if you have any discomfort or you are getting a rub from your saddle, something can probably be easily adjusted to make you more comfortable. Do not remove your feet from the stirrups, if the horse suddenly spooks you could fall. If your knees and ankles get sore please advise the guides and we can assist you.
  • Be aware that all horses have the potential to kick and bite so watch your space.
  • Do not dismount for any reason at any time without advising the guide. This especially applies if you are viewing wildlife such as Elephant, Buffalo or Lions. If you drop something let us know and we will get it back for you.
  • Do not let go of your reins as they may fall forwards over the horses head and you will not have any control or the horse might step into the reins and cause an accident. Be alert and in control of your horse at all times
  • Do not ride directly in front of a burrow entrance as you may have an animal come charging out and spook the horses
  • Horses can bolt if a rider removes an item of clothing such as a jacket or pullover. Please do not remove any item of clothing without asking first. We will either hold the horse or advise rider to dismount if the horse is nervous of clothes.
  • No mount up with floaty scarves, open jackets or clothing, that may come loose during the ride and cause the horses to spook and/or bolt.
  • No handbags/backpacks/binoculars or big lensed cameras on the horse.
  • Trees: Many of our trees have thorns and spines, please do not try and feel branches or leaves or push them out of your way as you go past. Dodge all branches and in case of overhanging branches lean forward onto your horses neck. Do not lean backwards as you can easily loose balance and your face would be exposed to the thorns/spines.
  • We do allow the horses to graze when standing and viewing animals as it keeps them still and the animals are less inclined to be spooked when the horses are grazing. But keep hold of your reins.
  • We strongly encourage the use of a hard hat during the ride. Riders are high risk for head injuries. It is not compulsory for adults. Wearing a hard hat is compulsory for riders under 18 years old.
  • Please wait with dismounting until a crewmember assist you.
  • Feel free to ask any questions anytime and enjoy the ride.