General Safety

While riding in lion country might at first seem risky, a horse isn’t a lion’s natural prey. Prides of lions specialise in certain species; some prefer giraffe, others impala. Horse is not one of their prey species. Lions wouldn’t risk taking down an animal they don’t know.

We ride in numbers. Every ride has a head guide at the front and a backup guide at the rear. The head guide carries a bullwhip which makes a sharp cracking sound to scare any lion. Guests are sandwiched between the two guides who know the horses and the terrain and have a good understanding of how to deal with any situation.

All our horses are well schooled, trained and acclimatised to ensure everyone enjoys their ride. Horses have incredible senses and can smell a threat from a great distance. All our grooms know and understand their horses and can read the signs. We respect the wildlife, judge the situation and know how close to go.

Before riding with Ride Maasai Mara, every rider is given a form to complete (click here for the form). We allocate a horse to each rider according to the rider’s experience and preferences, weight and height.

A rider needs to be able to independently walk, trot and canter for going on their riding safari. Ride Maasai Mara reserves the right to only take riders on a horse safari when they have demonstrated their riding competence and we’re confident they’re comfortable with their allocated horse.

Our tack is suitable for all ages and sizes, ensuring all our riders feel relaxed during their time on the horse. We provide our guests with MSI Pro Charles Owen helmets the very latest in rider safety with Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) technology . We have a variety of sizes including children’s as well as breast plates with a device to hold on. We also have a selection of trail riding saddles and English saddles.

MS1 Pro with MIPS:

The MS1 Pro is a groundbreaking jockey skull and the first of its kind to incorporate MIPS technology, the very latest in rider safety.
These helmets we have in the following sizes: 55cm, 56cm, 57cm, 58cm, 59cm, 60cm

Young Rider’s Jockey:

The Pony Club approved Young Rider’s Jockey offers triple-standard protection with a deep fit. Comes with a free silk for optimum breathability.
These helmets we have in the following sizes: 52cm, 53cm, 54cm, 62cm, 63cm