Our Stables

Nadine personally designed our stables according to the most up-to-date research and knowledge, together with beliefs developed over her years of experience of working with horses. She has designed our stables to the benefit of all the horses that live here, ensuring they are healthy and happy.

The spacious stables are 300m2. The high makuti thatched roof keeps the stables cool and shady. We cut no trees to build the stables and several large trees grow through them improving the air quality and natural environment of the stables. The many windows have wooden shutters, open throughout the day for breeze and light and closed at night to make the stables completely predator-proof.

Horses are herd animals like zebras therefore our stables are open plan with no divisions, giving the horses the opportunity to mingle and move as they like. Another benefit of keeping horses in a group is that they form their own hierarchy; during a ride that hierarchy is maintained and they don’t need to establish a new hierarchy during rides.

Our feeding system is also unique. Horses are bulk grazers and don’t have a gall bladder. Digestive acids are constantly injected into their digestive system so they need constant roughhage intake; if their roughage intake is restricked they’re prone to ulcers as they don’t have continuous roughhage to dilute the acids. Our stables have a hay feeder that runs around the whole periphery of the stables, ensuring there’s plenty of space at the trough, no competition for food, and providing roughage ad libitum.

There’s a sand bed and a straw bed in the stables. Horses can choose to roll in the sand to serve little itches or perhaps give themselves a massage. Since they only lie down to sleep when they’re really comfortable, this gives them the choice of whether to sleep in sand, straw or natural soil.

Two big gates, open from dawn to dusk, allow the horses to come and go between the stables and the fenced paddock where there’s grass, sunshine and great views. Next to the paddock is a 20 by 40m riding arena for the training and schooling of horses, and where guests have their first encounter with their safari companion. The horses, walking frequently between the huge stables, paddock and arena, keep fit and comfortable. From all parts of their huge home, the horses can see wild animals passing, accustoming them to their friends in the bush.

Near the stables is the Ride Mara reception and tack room. Here riders are welcomed, initiated into the techniques of safari riding, and briefed before each ride. This is where we keep our tack, helmets and saddles. Riders can try everything on in the cool and calm of the tack room, and our experienced team will help them find the best fit.