About Ride Mara

Imagine riding a horse as Impalas leap and gazelles graze around you. Africa’s famed savannahs ripple in the wind. Giraffes bow their long necks towards the acacia leaves. Elephants raise their heads and watch impassive as you pass.

A horse safari is like no other experience. The thrill of being at one with nature never fades. You move freely amongst the animals as if you’re one of them. High on a horse, you ride through a herd of eland or spot a lonely Topi atop a termite mound. You feel the sun-warmed breeze on your face, see the grasses rippling beneath you, and hear birdsong trilling in the trees.

Every ride is different. A flock of sunbirds might ripple through the air. A vivid turaco flashes past. Zebras shiver their ears and whinny. A lion, deep in the grasses, raises his head. On your horse, accepted by the animals, you’re immersed in the experience.

The Maasai Mara, voted Africa’s leading national park six years running, has an extraordinary variety of wildlife including all the ‘big five’. Known for the annual Great Migration when vast herds of wildebeest pour across the plains and plunge through the rivers, the Mara has a huge variety of animals and birds at all times of the year.

On the fringe of the Maasai Mara lies Olerai Conservancy. A private 5000-acre conservancy, Olerai has lush plains, trickling streams, rocky crags and forested hills. Here you’ll experience truly natural Africa as it has been since the beginning of time. Fuel your soul, absorb the magic of nature and fill your eyes with wonders.