A Typical Day

Our timetable is completely flexible and we design each day according to the wishes of our guests. Rides last for between one and four hours, and cover a distance that suits your ability. You can ride at dawn and return to camp for a late breakfast. You can stay out all morning with a picnic breakfast in the wild and return for lunch. You can take a picnic lunch and stay out all day. Or you can go for a short evening ride, stopping perhaps for a sundowner as the sky blushes pink and the sun slips over the horizon.

A day might start at first light as the dawn chorus resonates in the trees. Set off with your horse as the sky glimmers and the shivering grasses dance to the dawn breeze. Watch the animals waking after the long night, shaking off the cool darkness and rising to a new day. Frisky at this time, gazelles skip and dance, giraffes stretch out their long legs and baby elephants shake their cumbersome trunks. You might spot a troop of warthogs trotting through the grasses their tails held high, or an eland sauntering seriously along the horizon. At a scenic spot you’ll stop for one of the great joys of safaris: a bush breakfast. Out in the wilds, with animals around you, dismount from your horse for a traditional safari fry-up.

After breakfast, take a leisurely ride back to camp. Your afternoon could be spent in the mess area watching the animals that pass by, on a nature walk spotting the smaller species, or in your riverfront tent enjoying a well-deserved siesta. The animals also take it easy during the heat of the day, staying away from the sun-baked plains, often snoozing beneath shady bushes or hiding out beneath the trees.

In the evening, head out again either on your horse or in one of the camp’s open-sided vehicles. Watch the animals as they become frolicsome in the cool of the evening. The big cats often choose this time to hunt and you might be lucky enough to see a lion bring down a wildebeest or a cheetah career after a Thompson gazelle. As clouds glimmer and the sky sizzles, stop for another of Africa’s great traditions: the sundowner. Whether your tipple is a gin and tonic, Kenya’s popular Tusker beer, or simply some fresh spring water, the glass in your hand is sure to make the sky pinker and the views finer.

Return to camp for Lerai Safari Camp’s tasty dinner, filled with stories of your day and memories that will last a lifetime.